Thursday, July 27, 2017

Leslie Jones

Back with new posts. I am close to winding this up, probably in a week or so.

Public playground, Boston area, 1917-34
Rum runner Mary seized with $175,000 in liquor in 
Dorchester Bay, brought in to Boston Waterfront, 1932
Second party at Bill Marr's, Milton, April 1942
Shirley Temple at child birthday party, July 1938
Showgirls backstage
Singers at the Apple Blossom Festival, Groton, ca. 1940
Soldiers and their ladies in the front row. Probably World War II era
Stars who will appear in the United Nations benefit show at the Boston Garden. 
Left to right, Anne Miller, Jinx Falkenburg, and Evelyn Keyes, ca. 1942
Tea room
Team of horses plow snow on Tremont Street Mall, ca. 1930

Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection

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