Saturday, July 29, 2017

Great Patriotic War

 A column of German Tiger I heavy tanks and a MAN ML 4500 truck 
of the 1st SS-Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler become 
bogged down during the fight for Western Ukraine, November 1943
A Soviet Army soldier feeds a Russian baby he has found abandoned 
in an empty cabin in the village of Izvekov 14 March 1943
Russian civilians in Murmansk watch an aerial battle between 
Soviet and German pilots taking place over the city, 6 April 1943
Russian civilians in Nevel greet Soviet troops with flowers following the liberation 
of the city from German occupation following the Battle for Nevel, October 1943
Russian civilians joyously greet a Soviet Naval Infantryman following the 
liberation of Tagnarog from the occupying Germans, September 1943
Soviet machine gunners take up positions on the banks of the 
Dnieper River during the Battle of the Dnieper. September 1943
Soviet soldiers battle through the ruins of a house in a village near Kiev during 
the Battle of the Dnieper. The battle was one of the largest operations in 
the war, involving almost 4,000,000 troops on both sides. September 1943
Soviet soldiers help Russian refugees return to their homes following the Third Battle of Smolensk when Soviet forces of the 39th, 43rd and 10th Armies recaptured of the city and surrounding areas from Axis occupation. September 1943
Soviet soldiers in a trench fire on a German plane during the 
opening phase of the Battle of Kursk.  7 July 1943
Soviet soldiers of 248th Separate Infantry Brigade greet Russian 
civilians of a kolkhoz (collective farm) west of Kursk. February 1943
Soviet soldiers of the 270th Rifle Division, Soviet 7th Guards Army, 
begin a counteroffensive during the Battle of Kursk. 12 July 1943
Soviet soldiers talk to recently liberated Russian civilians 
in a small village near Rzhev, March 1943
The Soviet commander of the Budak Company of partisans (left) 
points out enemy German positions on a map to Komsosmol fighters 
Mariya Yelnik and Pavel Kiselev. Near Kursk, February 1943
Source: Anti-Worlds

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