Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lewis Hine

Aunt Lizzie Reagan weaving old-fashioned jean at the Pi Beta Phi school, 
Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This aged mountain woman lives near 
the school and earns her living weaving, November 1933
Boiling down sorghum at the Stooksberry homestead 
near Andersonville, Tennessee, October 1933
Mrs. James Watson spinning wool yarn in her cabin 
near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, November 1933
Straining the sorghum on the farm of J. W. Stooksberry, Anderson County, 
Tennessee. This is the primitive way of making molasses, October 1933
Up-to-date method of making molasses on the farm of Fred Hatmaker. 
This farm will be under water when the Norris Dam reservoir fills, October 1933

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