Monday, April 17, 2017

Korean War

A little Korean Miss piggy-backs her young brother while Driver G C Cashion, of Christchurch, prepares for war by camouflaging his "B" platoon truck, 6 October 1953
 Papasan and his two kiddies carry on with the rice harvest 
while the trucks of "B" platoon camouflage into the hillside for 
the practice operation in case of air raids by enemy planes, 1953
Gun crew of Easy 4, 163 Battery still looking fresh after 
a strenuous nights work on the gun, 17 July 1952
Korean funeral procession, 31 December 1953
Korean houseboy sitting talking to New Zealand gunners at the 16th Field R H Q with a puppy in his arms, has seen a lot more action than most people. Cho Too Hyuns, one time High Executioner to a Japanese Division, 21 May 1953
Laying of a sandbagged test point for the Divisional 
Signals telephone circuit, Korea, 1 September 1952
Men from Charlie troop, Royal NZ Signals Regiment, 
laying telephone cable in Korea, 3 September 1952
Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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