Friday, March 10, 2017


 Addison Scurlock: Early civil rights group picket, 1947
Arthur Rothstein: Strike pickets, New York City, 1937
GG Bain: Protest against child labor in a labor parade, 1909
Harris & Ewing: Striking Seamen picket Commerce 
Department. Washington, D.C. January 18, 1937
Harris & Ewing: Woman suffrage. Posters for parade, 1914
John Vachon: Picket line at the King Farm strike. 
Near Morrisville, Pennsylvania, August 1938
National Photo: Four adults and six children, from Passaic, N.J., 
picket the White House following President Coolidge's refusal 
to listen to their complaints about wage cuts in the textile industry. 1926

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