Sunday, March 19, 2017


Adam MacLay: Studio portrait of six musicians with instruments, ca. 1900s
Ben Shahn: Street musicians, Maynardville, Tennessee, 1935
Eva Besnyö: Gypsies, 1931
Harris & Ewing: Woman being serenaded, 1940
James McAllister and family, outside, with musical instruments, New Zealand, 1912
Lafayette Studio: Betty Coed and the Debs, 1939
Oxford College Mandolin Club, 1917
Paul Stang: A portrait of two of Paul Stang's sisters - 
Jørgina Stang with the guitar and Marie Stang with the fiddle
Russell Lee: Cajun musicians at fais-do-do at 
National Rice Festival. Crowley, Louisiana, 1938
University of Kentucky, WHAS band, 1933
William Rittase: Pianist and Violinist, October 1939

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