Monday, May 2, 2016

Inger Schulstad

Dr. Schulstad visiting an American MASH, 1952
[Archive reference: Tor.H49.B01.B1067]
Dr. Schulstad with personnel from Indian Parachute Field Ambulance, 1952
[Archive reference: Tor.H49.B01.B1061]
 NORMASH Liaison, 1952
[Archive reference: Tor.H49.B01.B1070]
 NORMASH personnel, 1952
[Archive reference: Tor.H49.B01.B1066]
Tossing chaff, 1952
[Archive reference: Tor.H49.B01.B1039]

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  1. Dr Schulstad died in 2010. I found this tribute to her:
    Another one of life's quite achievers.