Friday, May 13, 2016

Charles C. Pierce Collection

The C.C. Pierce collection constitutes one of the most important collections of historical photographs of early California and Los Angeles extant. The collection of 10,100 prints was assembled by Charles C. Pierce (1861-1946), a photographer and long-time operator of a thriving Los Angeles photographic business. 

The Chemehuevi are an indigenous people of the Great Basin. They are the southernmost branch of Paiute. "Chemehuevi" has multiple interpretations. It is considered to either be a Mojave term meaning "those who play with fish;" or a Quechan word meaning "nose-in-the-air-like-a-roadrunner." The Chemehuevi call themselves Nüwüwü ("The People") or Tantáwats, meaning "Southern Men."  [Wikipedia]

A Chemehuevi Madonna; cache for mesquite beans in the back
Chemehuevi girls grinding mesquite beans
Chemehuevi Indian basket weaver making splints
Chemehuevi Indian Group
Chemehuevi Storyteller

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