Saturday, January 23, 2016

Soviet Women Fighters

These pictures are of Soviet women warriors during the "Great Patriotic War" (World War II).

 Evdokia Pasko – a legendary woman-aviator from the 
46th Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment (“Night Witches”)
 Maria Dolina was a Soviet pilot and acting squadron commander of 
the 125th “Marina M. Raskova” Borisov Guards dive bomber Regiment
 Roza Shanina, a Soviet sniper
[Here is a short film telling her story]
 Soviet Air Force officers Rufina Gasheva and Nataly Meklin decorated as Heroes of the Soviet Union for their service with the famed Night Witches unit during World War II
 Soviet female fighter pilots, Crimea, 1944
 Soviet women snipers
Traffic controllers, Wolchow Front, 1 January 1943

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