Monday, January 4, 2016

John Florea

When last we saw the work of John Florea, it was of his dark and dire photos of the European theater in World War II. Here we are about as far from that subject matter as possible, with these pictures of postwar southern California beach life.

A couple plays cards at Santa Monica Beach, California
A man climbs on the roof of Neta's hot dog stand at Hermosa Beach, California
A surfer catches a wave in the distance at Hermosa Beach, California
A woman sunbathes at Hermosa Beach, California
 Belly-sliding, a perilous but pleasant sport, is demonstrated 
by an expert at California's Hermosa Beach
 Daring young man flies off trampoline at California's 
Santa Monica Beach, where movie starlets show off
Gymnastics in the sand at Hermosa Beach, California
Pretty girl gets fast and foamy surf ride on inflated mattress cover at Hermosa Beach
 The perils of blanket tossing are happily undergone by pretty Miss Norma Baker with the help of eight husky friends at Hermosa Beach in California
Young men take a break for cigarettes and Coca-Cola at Hermosa Beach, California

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