Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Circus

These vintage circus photos come from Herbert F. Cooper, a photographer in northern Ireland. More photos from this group, as well as information about the circuses involved, are here.

 Buff Bill's Circus, group of circus performers standing on each other's shoulders, ca. 1910
Buff Bill's Circus, The Dixie Girls, ca. 1910
Clown on a horse, with a lady watching, ca. 1910
Duffy's Circus, four girls outside a tent, 1911
Duffy's Circus, four male entertainers, 1911
Duffy's Circus, the Wilson and Duffy combined circus, 1911
Duffy's Circus, two women and three children
Hanneford's Canadian Circus, circus performers in a horse and cart, ca. 1910
Hanneford's Canadian Circus, four girl circus performers, ca. 1910

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