Wednesday, December 2, 2015


These photos of the cultivation and harvesting of hops are from the Oregon State University Collection and Archive.

"Stringing time for hops" in Independence, Oregon
Camp Adair soldiers going to the Terhune hop yard
Dorothy and Olgo Brutke picking hops
Ernst Family at Horst Hop Ranch, 1946
Harvesting hops near Independence, Oregon
Hop house in Lowell, Oregon
Hop yard scene, Mollala, Oregon, 1905
Hop-picking time
 Mr. and Mrs. William Rick, Baker, picking at the Mitoma hopyard near Independence. 
They are old timers and have been picking each season for 30 years.
Soldiers picking hops
 The county experimental hop yard recruited Oregon State 
College coeds for a quick job of hoeing, ca. 1940s
Weighing hops

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