Wednesday, August 12, 2015

World War I - women workers

These photos of women workers in England during World War I come from here.

 Female labourers push loaded wheel barrows on a construction site in Coventry, ca. 1917
 A British women's fire brigade takes the salute, March 1916
 A woman drives a delivery van pulled by a pair of horses, August 1916
 A woman munitions worker operates a machine that makes shell cases 
in an armaments factory during the First World War, ca. 1915
 Members of the Women's Police Service, ca. 1916
 Members of the Women's Reserve Ambulance Corps, June 1916
 Women forestry workers have their lunch sitting on a pile of logs, May 1918
[these ladies were called "lumberjills"]
 Women war workers pull a truckload of boxes on the 
Midland Railway in Somerton, Somerset, May 1917
 Women work at Cross Farm in Shackleton, Surrey, April 1917
Women workers at the Gas Light and Coke Company at 
Bromley By Bow, London, serve tea on top of a gasometer, June 1918
[what is a gasometer? hint: it seems a dangerous place to be having tea]

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  1. I know those gasometers well, I drive trains past them every day. Sad to see them out of use now. I hope they get preserved.