Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hotel Ezra Cornell

From the Cornell University website, "Hotel Ezra Cornell (HEC) is an annual weekend-long educational conference, a 90-year tradition at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, put on by the students for hospitality industry leaders." The 90th Hotel Ezra Cornell took place in March of this year. Here are some photographic mementos from earlier ones.

 Hotel Ezra Cornell. Six newly-married couples 
standing near Willard Straight Hall, May 9, 1934
 Waiters' Derby, 13th Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell, 1938
 Twelve waitresses, with one mannikin, who will serve at 
13th annual opening of Hotel Ezra Cornell, May 13, 1938
 14th Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell, May 12, 1939
Waitresses' Derby, Hotel Admin, 1944

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