Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dorothea Lange

 Leveling the land for irrigation on the Bosque Farms project. The tract of two thousand four hundred acres to be cultivated under irrigation. New Mexico, December 1935
 Migrant pea workers on the road with tire trouble. California, February 1936
 Mobile housing--a trend. One of the many housecars under construction by homeless people who formerly lived in tents. California, May 1935
 Moving day in the turpentine pine forest country. North Florida, July 1936
 Negro plowing corn. He is a tenant; raises mainly tobacco; has lived here for four years. The cornfield is grassy and poor. On dirt road from Highway 144. Person County, North Carolina. He is saying "You ain't looking for money, is you?" Person County, North Carolina, July 1939
 One faucet by the packing sheds is the only source of water for 150-200 families camped in the brush waiting for the potato harvest to open. Edison, California, April 1938
One of three families camped behind a billboard on U.S. 99. 
Kern County, California, November 1938

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