Monday, May 11, 2015

Ann Rosener

 California shipyard workers. Eight hours of work in a Richmond, California shipyard find these two workers grateful for the calm and quiet of the ferry trip back to San Francisco, February 1943
 California shipyard workers. This woman worker pushes back her helmet during a moment's pause from her welding job at the Richmond shipyard in California, February 1943
 Production. Aircraft engines. Using multi-colored pins to mark 
residences of its employees, a Midwest aircraft factory innovates 
its car-pooling system. Like hundreds of other U.S. factories, July 1942
 War housing needs. Crowds of homeseekers wait in line for housing information in every "boom town" war housing center. Like millions of Americans who have migrated to busy industrial areas, these newcomers to San Francisco are hoping for news that a house, a room, or even a bed will be made available for them before the day is over. February 1943
 Washington, D.C. Two blood donors talking it over after having given a pint of blood. Note how girl on right holds cotton pad on her arm where needle was injected, June 1943
Women in industry. Gas mask production. Lacing head harnesses of gas masks after they have passed through all the stages of assembly and made ready for packaging, is the job of this young woman who works in a large Midwest vacuum cleaner factory which has been converted to war production. Note the lei of string she's wearing--the better to lace the masks with! Eureka Vacuum, Detroit, Michigan, July 1942.

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