Friday, April 10, 2015

Frank Denton

 A landau carriage, and driver, probably Wanganui region, January 1908
 A trophy winning tennis team, and supporters, including 
many Maori, probably in the Wanganui region, 1900-05
 Barrels of tallow on the wharf at Castlecliff, Wanganui, 1913
 Chavannes Garage, and Ford cars, in Wanganui, 1915
 Dr Ernest Edward Porritt and family in a trap outside 
their home at 59 Ingestre Street, Wanganui, ca. 1904
 Trees along the banks of the Avon River, Christchurch, 1920s
Two unidentified women walking beside the Avon River under 
pine trees in the Botanical Gardens, Christchurch, ca. 1930s

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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