Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dorothea Lange - Kids

 Children and home of migratory cotton workers. Migratory camp, 
southern San Joaquin Valley, California, November 1936
 Children from Chickasaw, Oklahoma, in a potato 
pickers' camp near Shafter, California, May 1937
 Children of migratory pea pickers in Brawley camp. California, February 1939
 Daughter of Negro tenant churning butter. 
Randolph County, North Carolina, July 1939
 Entire enrollment of Lincoln Bench School. Teacher in center. 
Near Ontario, Oregon, Malheur County, October 1939
 Marble time in Farm Security Administration (FSA) migratory labor camp. 
Plenty of space to play and plenty of companions for the children 
during pea harvest. Near Calipatria, Imperial Valley. February 1939
Migrant family in Kern County. This family was sent back at the state line by Los Angeles police. Refused entrance into California, and it was only after they had wired back to Arkansas to borrow fifty dollars cash to show at the border that they were permitted to enter. February 1936

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