Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Revelle Jackson

 'The Sound of Music', Taylor House, Geange Street, November 1966
[well, I sure recognize a number of the LPs at upper left...
I wish I could read the top 40 list though]
 Animal Rescue Dog Show, September 1970
 Art club Spanish evening
 Ballroom Dancing Competition, 1968
Boy Scouts first aid class

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  1. "The Sound of Music', Taylor House: The photo could not have been taken earlier than May 22, 1967, which is when the Monkees album with the white cover was released. Homburg, the Procol Harum song, was released as a single in October 1967. So a good guess would be that this photo is simply from November 1967 and not November 1966.

    The Top 10 chart on the furthest left is:
    1. Massachusetts - The Bee Gees
    2. Flowers in the Rain - The Move
    3. Hole In My Shoe - Traffic
    4. The Last Waltz - Englebert Humperdink
    5. Itchykoo Park - Small Faces
    6. Homburg - Procol Harum
    7. ???
    8. Never My Love - The Association
    9. San Francisco - Scott McKenzie
    10. The Letter - The Box Tops
    Those are also almost certainly speaker cabinets built into the front counter.