Thursday, March 5, 2015

George Frederick Kaye

 A New Zealand Infantry platoon pictured near Monte Cassino 
on the 5th Army Front in Italy, 8 March 1944
 A scene in the forward area of the Sangro River Front, in Italy, 
showing villagers outside their wrecked homes, 10 December 1943
 An American military police officer on point duty and two Kiwi soldiers 
seen together on the 5th Army Front in southern Italy, 10 February 1944
 Competitor taking part in the high jump at 5 NZ Infantry 
Brigade Sports Meeting in Italy, 11 May 1944
New Zealand soldiers, out of the line for a rest in Italy, await their turn for a 
hot shower provided by a NZ Field Hygiene Section, 6 January 1944

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