Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tom Parker

 Six-year-old Reiko Masado, convalescing from a serious illness, is looked after 
by nurse's aide, Chiyo Okata. Denson, Arkansas, 1943
 The ice cream counter in the community operated stores. 
Heart Mountain, Wyoming, 1942
 The kitchen of the interior of the store in Block 8, 
showing the grocery section. Denson, Arkansas, 1942
 The magazine counter at one of the cooperative stores 
in the Amache Relocation Center, 1942
 The Ninomiya family in their barracks room at the Amache Center, 1942
 The youngest of the Kobayashi family, out for an afternoon 
sunning with a neighbor. Amache, Colorado, 1942
 Three young evacuees drop their baggage and relax to argue about whose bunk goes 
in which corner on arriving at their new quarters. Amache, Colorado, 1942
 Transplanting trees from existing farms to the hospital area 
at the Topaz Relocation Center. Topaz, Utah, 1942
 Two adult women and a small girl occupy this 
barracks room at the Amache Center, 1942
 Two days after arrival and the first Sunday afternoon finds 
these volunteer workers of the first contingent have arranged 
their barracks as comfortably as possible. Amache, Colorado, 1942
 Two Nisei girls perform a Hawaiian Hula at a block talent show 
held in the mess hall. Amache, Colorado, 1942
 Typical scene in the Community Enterprise Stores at the 
Heart Mountain Relocation Center. Heart Mountain, Wyoming, 1942
 When the Uno baby takes his sunning, it is a block attraction, 
and papa Howard Uno, who has since volunteered in the United States Army, 
just stands around and beams. Amache, Colorado, 1942
 With her son, young Dennis, in her arms, Mrs. T. Sasabushi, Nisei resident at the 
Granada center, registers for defense employment. Amache, Colorado, 1943
 With makeshift equipment and arrangements, the cooperative beauty salon 
does a rushing business. Amache, Colorado, 1942
 With the coming of cold Wyoming temperature, Ice rinks were flooded 
and many former Californians of Japanese ancestry, now residing 
at Heart Mountain, had their first experiences on ice skates. 1943
Sunday afternoon and the three girls who occupy this barracks room relax. 
The furniture, the book niches, flower pot and print mats are all made by the girls 
from scrap lumber and scrap pieces of wall board, Amache, Colorado, 1942

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