Friday, August 2, 2013

Roman Vishniac

 A Town Square, Kazimierz, Cracow, Poland, 1936
 Basement home of a porter and his family, Warsaw, 1935-38
 Boy with kindling in basement dwelling, Krochmalna Street, Warsaw
 Children bathing, 1938
 Father earned today some money and daughter is sent for milk, 1937
 Father taking his son to the first day of cheder (Jewish elementary school), Mukacevo, 1937-38
 Girl in plaid dress, Mukacevo, ca. 1935-38
 Grandfather and granddaughter, Warsaw, 1930s
 Inside the Jewish Quarter, Bratislava, 1935-38
 Jewish refugees in horse stables that have been converted to living quarters, 
Polish detention camp in Zbaszyn, Poland, 1938
 Student of the Talmud, Trnava, Czechoslovakia, 1937
 The market in the main square in Lask, 1937
Jewish youth, Mukacevo, 1935-38

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