Thursday, August 3, 2017

Vintage Ireland

"A raal convanience - a woife," a country farm-yard in Ireland , 1903
"An' phwat 'ill yer give me for me sheep"--Killarney, Ireland, 1901
A Jolly group in the market-place, Galway, Ireland, 1902
An old mother of Erin in her donkey cart going to 
her son's funeral, County Kerry, Ireland, 1905
Limerick boys and girls on their playground 
by famous Treaty Stone of 1691, 1903
Picturesque life and customs of an Irish village, 1901
Starting out for town, market day in Ireland, 1903
Vegetable market and bridge over the river 
Shannon (E.), Athlone, central Ireland, ca. 1903