Monday, June 26, 2017

Andrew J. Russell

A high cliff standing in an isolated position, commanding from its top an extensive view up and down the river. This rock is nearly three hundred feet in height and is a well-known landmark to the emigrants who have in former times passed this way.
A recently completed rail trestle at Promontory, Utah
Skull Rock, Wyoming. The name of this rock is derived from the peculiar 
formation of the boulders lying at its base. It is situated three miles 
south of the railroad, in the mining district of Dale Creek Canyon.
The standpoint for this view is nearly two thousand feet above the 
railroad, which can be seen winding through the bottom lands three miles 
away. Farther off can be seen the dim outline of Green River City, Utah.
U.S. Senator James Patterson (New Hampshire) 
and party on the Devil’s Gate Bridge
Source: The Atlantic

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