Monday, May 1, 2017

H. D. Girdwood

Mr. Girdwood photographed British Army activity in France during World War I, with emphasis on Indian troops.

2nd Leicesters rushing a position, Bout de Ville, France. 6 September 1915
A dispatch rider of the Indian Corps repairing 
motorcycle, Merville, France. 3 August 1915
Arrival of mail at Brigade Post Office, Linghem, France. 28 July 1915
Cooks in the field, Estaires, France. 28 August 1915
Highlanders skirmishing through ruined village, Fauquissart, France. 9 August 1915
[I love that bit of sardonic graffiti on the wall of the ruined house: "Warview Terrace"]

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