Sunday, February 12, 2017

Vintage Tasmania

Elizabeth St looking down Melville St. Shows tram advertising Wolfe's Schnapps. 
Shows branch of Bank of Australasia & Gaylor the Jeweller, ca. 1920
Elizabeth Street, Hobart - showing J Evans Stables, J Robb the Saddler, 
Patent Agency and Trade Mark Office, ca. 1910
Murray Street looking south from Bathurst Street Hobart, ca. 1910
Murray Street, Hobart, ca. 1880
Procession in Liverpool Street, Hobart, ca. 1900


  1. Any chance to purchase the first image for commercial use. We want to print this as wallpaper for a retail shop.

    1. I got the image from the source given as copyright-free. However, if you are planning to use it commercially I'd advise you to contact the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office directly for permission/purchase. Try or as starting places.