Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Great Patriotic War

Nazis and Soviets, slugging it out. These are all from 1941, the first year of the Nazi invation of USSR.

 A German soldier holds his arms up in surrender to a Soviet soldier who has his rifle trained on him during the Battle of Moscow. Near Moscow, Russia, Soviet Union. 1 December 1941
 German soldiers man an MG 34 (Maschinengewehr 34) recoil-operated machine gun, taking cover on the side of a house in Rahachow during the German invasion of the Soviet Union, July 1941
 Soviet Army soldiers march to the front during 
the Battle of Moscow, 7 November 1941
 Soviet Army soldiers of the Southwestern Front play with Ukrainian children in a small village prior to the Battle of Uman, shortly following Operation Barbarossa, the initial Axis invasion of the Soviet Union, July 1941
Soviet machine gunners of 20th Army, Reserve Front try to repel Axis forces from advancing eastward along the Dnieper river. Near Dorogobuzh, Dorogobuzhsky District, Smolensk Oblast, Russia, Soviet Union. 1 September 1941
 Soviet soldiers man a 85 mm air defense gun M1939 (52-K) in Moscow during the Battle of Moscow. In the background can be seen the famous 24 meter tall, 75-ton socialist realist monument Worker and Kolkhoz Woman. Oct 1941
 Soviet soldiers of an artillery unit pause for a musical interlude 
during a lull in the Battle of Moscow. December 1941
 Soviet Sukhoi Su-2 pilots and navigator crewmen of the 210th Bomber Regiment rest and brace themselves against the autumn chill on a haystack near a village airfield during Operation Barbarossa. Budenovka, Ukraine, October 1941
Two Soviet soldiers escort a German Luftwaffe pilot who was taken as a POW when his plane was downed near the small village of Brazhino during Operation Barbarossa, September 1941
Source: Anti-Worlds

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