Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Stalingrad, 1943

The denouement of the greatest battle in history.

 A Soviet soldier gives cigarettes to German POWs 
captured during the Battle of Stalingrad, January 1943
 In this early 1943 photo, captured German soldiers, their uniforms tattered from 
the battle, make their way in the bitter cold through the ruins of Stalingrad, Russia
 Red Army soldiers celebrate victory after the 
the Battle of Stalingrad, USSR, February 2, 1943
 Red Army soldiers in January 1943 celebrate victory in Stalingrad
 Soviet soldiers advance through the snow-covered ruins 
during the Battle of Stalingrad, January 1943
The recently abandoned weapons of defeated German soldiers become dangerous 
toys for young Russian boys following the Battle of Stalingrad. February 1943

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