Saturday, August 27, 2016

Frank Rinehart

Like his better-known contemporary Edward S. Curtis, Frank Rinehart made sensitive portraits of Native American people. Rinehart, a commercial photographer in Omaha, Nebraska, was commissioned to photograph the 1898 Indian Congress, part of the Trans-Mississippi International Exposition. More than five hundred Native Americans from thirty-five tribes attended the conference, providing the gifted photographer and artist an opportunity to create a stunning visual document of Native American life and culture at the dawn of the 20th century. Although the portraits are posed and artistically lighted in his studio, they have a candid intimacy that allows his subjects individuality and dignity, a quality not shared by most 19th-century ethnographic photography.

 Antoine Moise, Flathead
 Chief Wolf Robe, Cheyenne
 Cloud Man, Assinaboine
 Four Bull, Assinaboine
Freckled Face, Arapahoe

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