Sunday, April 10, 2016

Henry Armytage Sanders

 A group portrait of the women volunteers who staff the YMCA Lowry Hut canteen at the New Zealand Infantry and General Base Depot in Etaples, France, 3 August 1918
 New Zealand 4.5 howitzers and soldiers, at an 
orchard in Le Quesnoy, France, 29 October 1918
 New Zealand nurses and medical officers of the New Zealand Stationary 
Hospital gathered beneath an archway carved by a Maori patient. 
Through the archway rows of huts are visible. 16 August 1918
 New Zealand soldiers in the front line on the Somme, 
La Synge Farm, France, 6 April 1918
New Zealand soldier using a machine gun at the 
front line at La Synge Farm, France, 6 August 1918

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