Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dorothea Lange

 Tulare County, California. In Farm Security Administration (FSA) camp. Mother from Oklahoma tends baby with dysentery and awaits arrival of FSA camp resident nurse, May 1939
 Typical Teutonic farm wife and child of Mills, 
New Mexico, area. Client for resettlement, May 1935
 Visiting lassies sit on rostrom. Salvation Army, 
San Francisco, California, Apr 1939
 Washington, Yakima Valley, near Wapato. One tenant purchase program (Farm Security Administration) client, Jacob N. Schrock. This family with eight children had lived for twenty-five years on a rocky, rented farm in this valley. They now own forty eight acres of good land, this good house, price six thousand seventy hundred and seventy dollars. They raise hay, grain, dairy and hogs. Mrs. Schrock says "Quite a lot of difference between that old rock pile, and around here."August 1939
Washington, Yakima Valley. Fruit tramp, August 1939

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