Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ian Mackley

Mr. Mackley photographed New Zealand troops in the Korean War.

5 pounders of 162 Battery, 16th NZ Field Regiment, 
in action in Korea, 8 November 1951
Australian and New Zealand troops at concert by 
band of US 1st Cavalry Division, Korea, 25 July 1952
Australian and NZ personnel alongside their notice outside 
Anzac Park, a new playing field they have built alongside forward 
defensive positions. Rugby, soccer, athletics and other sports October 1951
Gun crew in action, Korea, 1 April 1952
Kiwis at 10 Coy RNZASC gather around their 
Xmas tree at Coy HQ, December 1951
New Zealand gunners sitting around a 
space heater, Korea, 6 October 1951
New Zealand sappers having a beer outside their hut, Korea, 1951-52
Sergeant J M Bragg, Gunner D J Humphries and Gunner D J Kelly operating a 25 pounder during the first major offensive of the 1st British Commonwealth Division, Korea, October 1951
Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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