Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dorothea Lange

 Plantation owner with one of the Negro plantation children. 
Aldridge Plantation, Mississippi, June 1937
 Plowboy in Alabama earns seventy-five cents daily, June 1936
 Portable laundry unit, shower unit beyond. FSA 
(Farm Security Administration) camp, Merrill, Oregon, Oct 1939
 Railroad yards, Kearney, Nebraska. Overland train passengers go back to their cars after ten minute train stop on trip between San Francisco and Chicago, June 1939
 Recreation in a migratory agricultural workers' camp 
near Holtville, California, February 1937
 Rehabilitation clients. Five miles outside Phoenix, Arizona. Five hundred 
dollar loan for poultry (considered a good loan), December 1935
Salvation Army, San Francisco, California. Girls' Sunday school 
class sings between preaching, April 1939

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