Monday, June 8, 2015

Ann Rosener

These photos of a "war workers' nursery" in Oakland, California were taken in 1943.

 A mid-morning tomato juice is thoroughly appreciated by these 
war workers' children who attend an Oakland, California nursery school
 A young supervisor at the Bella Vista Nursery School in Oakland, California, 
eats luncheon with the smallest to prevent dawdling over food
 Catherine Simmons plays Red Cross nurse at the 
Bella Vista Nursery School in Oakland, California
 Finger painting is a healthy outlet for nursery school youngsters. 
With oilcloth aprons to protect their clothes, the elbow's the limit for a junior artist.
 Playing waitress is an envied job at the Bella Vista Nursery School in Oakland, California, where a complete and nourishing luncheon is served daily in addition to midmorning cod liver oil and tomato juice and afternoon milk and crackers.
The morning checkup at modern nursery schools includes mouth and throat inspection. 
Mrs. Arlene Corbin, time checker at a Richmond, California shipyard waits

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