Tuesday, June 4, 2013

David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson

These two were early Scottish photographers. They teamed up to take more than 3,000 photos, mostly portraits. It seems that the division of labor here was Hill, with an artistic background, providing guidance in composition and lighting, with Adamson doing the actual camera work. These are some of the earliest photos featured on this site so far.

 Covenanter’s Tomb, Greyfriars Churchyard, Edinburgh, c. 1843-1847

 Edinburgh Ale, 1843-48

 Ellen and Agnes Milne, 1843-48

 Fisher Lassies

 Fisherwomen baiting lines, Fishergate, North Street, St Andrews, 1845

 Group Portrait, ca. 1845

 Harriet Farnie and Miss Farnie with a Sleeping Puppy, Brownie, ca. 1845

 His Faither’s Breeks, ca. 1843-47

 Master Grierson, c. 1843-1847

 Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson, 1845

 Patrick Byrne, 1845

 Rev. Peter Jones or Kahkewaquonaby, 1802 - 1856. 
Indian chief and missionary in Canada

 Sir John Steell, Sculptor, 1845

 Sophia Finley and Harriet Farnie

 The Misses Binney, c. 1843-1847
[the Misses Binney look like trouble to me]
 The Pastor's Visit, ca. 1843-47

 The Scott Monument
[in honor of Sir Walter Scott]

 Through the Trellis, ca. 1861-62
[amazingly good quality image for its day]
 Lady Ruthven, 1843

 Newhaven Fishwives, 1845

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