Tuesday, May 7, 2013

G. G. Bain

 Board walk and esplanade review, on beach, Asbury Park, New York, 1911

 Brox sisters
[they were a singing trio of vaudeville performers]

 Brox sisters
[movie clip of them]

 Brox sisters
[singing "Red Hot Mama"]

 Chicago Opera Girls knit

 German actress Hedwig Reicher wearing costume of "Columbia" 
with other suffrage pageant participants standing in background 
in front of the Treasury Building, March 3, 1913, Washington, DC

 Helen Keller & Mrs. Macy, 1913

 Jessie Stubbs and "General" Rosalie Jones, who led 
the woman suffrage hikes to Albany, NY, and Washington, DC, 1910-1915

 Mrs. H. Riordan, suffragette, New York, 1910

 New York - Paris racecars lined up to start, New York, 1908

 New York, East Side eviction

 On beach, Belmar

 Robert Cameron Beadle and Alfred H. Brown, members of 
the Men's League for Woman Suffrage with others, outside 48 East 34th St., 
headquarters of the Woman's Suffrage Party of Manhattan, 1913

Suffragette Trixie Friganza, descending steps, New York, 1908

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