Thursday, April 4, 2013

André Kertész

André Kertész (1894-1985) was a Hungarian-born art photographer. There's an essay about him on PBS's "American Masters" series (I guess they can get away with calling him an "American" master because he worked in New York for a time).

I'll post his works in several stages, beginning with his earlier work (his career spanned many decades).

 Esztergom, Hungary, 1917

 Esztergom, Hungary, 1916

 Budapest, 1914

 Gypsy children kissing, Esztergom, Hungary, 1917
 Hungary, 1918

 Small Geese, Hungary, 1918

 Puszta, Hungary, 1914

 The Dancing Faun, 1919

 Soldier writing, Gorz, Austria (now Italy), 1915

 Sunset, Esztergom, Hungary, 1917

 Underwater Swimmer, 1917

Waiting for the ship, Budapest, 1919

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  1. The Underwater Swimmer was also taken in Esztergom.