Saturday, April 14, 2012

Russell Lee - migrants

Another of the great FSA photographers, Russell Lee compiled a vast body of work. His photos of migrants in the late 1930s are particularly affecting.

 Camp by the roadside near Spiro, Oklahoma, 1939

 Child of agricultural day laborer coming out of tent near Spiro. Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, 1939

 Child of migrant strawberry picker, Hammond, Louisiana, 1939

 Husband and wife sitting on settee encamped by the roadside, Wagoner County, Oklahoma, 1939

 Interior of migrant tent on bank of Arkansas River, Muskogee County, Oklahoma, 1939

 Migrant agricultural workers camped near Vian, Oklahoma, 1939

 Migrant child standing in doorway of trailer, Edinburg, Texas, 1939

 Migrant father and daughter near Harlingen, Texas, 1939

 Migrant man and wife camped near Sebastin, Texas, 1939

 Migrant mother and child near Harlingen, Texas, 1939

 Migrant mother with child, near Harlingen, Texas, 1939

 Migrant mother with children in front of trailer home, Weslaco, Texas, 1939

 Migrant mother with son, Weslaco, Texas, 1939

 Veteran migrant worker and his wife camped in Wagoner County, Oklahoma, 1939

Women of a migrant family peeling potatoes near Henrietta, Oklahoma, 1939

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