Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vintage Shanghai

These photos of Shanghai, China date from the first half of the 20th century. I found them here.

Early 20th century, near the Hongkou market, where everyday were many 
local fishermen, peasant farmers, and butchers came to sell their goods
 1902, Shanghai Volunteer Corps proceeding along Nanjing Road, participating in a parade
 1906, Shanghai’s business street
 1907, workers for The Shanghai Electric Construction Co. Ltd. 
on Nanjing Road laying streetcar trolley rails
 1913, inside the International Savings Society on Shanghai’s Avenue Edward
 1927, a peddler selling cigarettes to foreign soldiers
 1930, Zhou Xuan (third from left), the star singer known as the "Golden Voice"
 1936 September 19, Chinese laborers on the docks unloading watermelons to be sold
 1947 June 1, a newsstand on the side of a Shanghai street
 1947 June 18, on the street from the central business district to the Bund public markets, a flock of sheep crossing the street causes road congestion in the morning, Shanghai
1947, a rickshaw puller, with a lot of advertisements visible on the commercial street, Shanghai

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